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Orlando Trade show with Sam Villa

Orlando Premiere is among the top industry trade shows to be a part of. Our partnership with Sam Villa Co has allowed Rachel, our founder & Executive Director to continue to share the mission of The Beyond Project at this trade show. With the support of the Sam Villa ArTeam member Ellen Devine who introduced how these opportunities can impact not only the individual we get to serve but also the volunteer providing the service. 

Rachel got an opportunity to meet with several volunteers that are not only interested in empowering lives, they are launching their own nonprofits that The Beyond Project can then mobilize volunteers to them. One woman we had met in 2021 and she is now ready to get going to volunteer in her community. 

These trade shows not only allow us to meet volunteers, they continue to help us build relationships with brands in the industry that want to be a part of social impact work in the community through fiscal and INKIND partnerships.

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