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Our Story

This is just the beginning...

The Beyond Project was founded in 2015 in Seattle, WA following the tragic loss of Rachel Hile's 2 year old nephew Matthew. She had seen a gap in her profession as a hairstylist; volunteering. 

Rachel became a licensed cosmetologist in 2006 and consistently was seeking out opportunities to use her newly acquired skill to volunteer her time. Sporadically an opportunity would arise through sharing this desire on her heart and she did a makeup over day at her salon for women of the YWCA.

During her grieving process she was left with a "life is too short to not follow her divine calling". It was time to launch this venture to provide the beauty and wellness industry with a pathway give back. 

The first couple of years she spent her time working on growing The Beyond Project while simultaneously still working behind the chair with her clients. In 2018 after 3 long years she was able go full time as the Executive Director after raising enough funds at their 1st annual fundraiser. Rachel could now focus on the growth and expansion. She closed her chapter as a  hairstylist to pursue her true calling to empower lives of those in our communities who need it most.

In February 2020 she made an even bigger leap to move to Los Angeles to be headquartered as a beauty and wellness centered nonprofit to leverage the support of the beauty and entertainment industry. Following her move the world shut down a month following. Rachel saw an opportunity to move to virtual programming for some nonprofits and continue to make sure tangible donations were being provided. 

In 2021 things began to come back to normal she planned a small event through a partner she had worked with in Seattle who was now based in Las Vegas at the Salvation Army. This decision opened a partnership with Sam Villa and Co as they sponsored the event with INKIND donations, as well as brought on a team of celebrity and award winning hairstylists. Since this event Rachel has had the opportunity to share at America's Beauty Show in Chicago, Anaheim and Orlando Premier Trade Shows alongside Sam Villa to spread the mission of The Beyond Project. Through these opportunities she meet hundreds of stylists, makeup artists and other professionals around the country that have the desire to give back. 

The mission of The Beyond Project is in 7 states, 29 cities and has even been in Lebanon to teach Syrian refugee women the skill of haircutting. We have programming going monthly, follow our blog and our social media to see the most current events we have done to inspire and empower lives in our communities. We believe that this movement should be in every city, state and region where women, men and children are in need of these services.


Join the movement today through being a volunteer, a corporate or business partner or donor! 

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