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We understand that there may be a lot of questions when it comes to our organization. We have compiled what we have been asked the most. If there are further questions that are not answered here please send us a message.


How does The Beyond Project support volunteers? 

 Head over to our volunteer info to learn more.

What can I expect working with individuals in circumstances that are not familiar to me?

 We understand that there are a lot of unknowns when you first volunteer for populations that are facing direct homelessness and for those coming out of unsafe situations, due to trauma. Our mission as an organization is to empower you to be ready and confident to serve well through our communication leading up which can include an information email or virtual training. 

What if there are not volunteer opportunities in my city or region? 

  We encourage you to still sign up through our volunteer link, so that as soon as we are able to support your region we can contact you.

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