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We exist to mobilize out professionals in the beauty and wellness industry to create ease of volunteerism to empower and inspire lives in our community.

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Whether you are a pro MUA or could assist in making someone feel uplifted through your personal skills, you have something to offer.

Makeup Artist

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Estheticians have something to offer whether it be a facial or face waxing for women who need extra care from abuse.

Skincare Professional

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Haircuts are requested at many shelters & resource days. We are always seeking out licensed pro to fill these opportunities.

Barber & Hairstylist

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Your skills as a braider and wig maker allow for those seeking out these services to be able to also be provided for.

Hair Braiders &

Wig Specialists

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Nails have become a request with the young ladies we serve. We work with licensed pros as well as those who just want to paint nails.

Nail Tech

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There are many topics & career paths to take. We have witnessed the power in coaching those who are working towards a new future.

Career & Life Coaching

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We are working to expand services of massage, fitness & other wellness pros.

Wellness Professionals

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There is always need for volunteers who can pick up supplies for volunteers, support with admin and so much more.

General Volunteers

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As we continue to expand so does the need for supplies to be sorted and distributed to the individuals we serve. 

Sort & Distribute Donation

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We are looking for someone who is detail oriented and can lead teams of volunteers with ease to create a welcoming event for all.

Project Supplies

Volunteer Testimonials

We are grateful for each person that has decided to share their gift with the community.


Chad, Barber

 "Through The Beyond Project I've been able to connect with our community in a way that I would not have been able to on my own! Life is about giving more than you take."


Clara, Hairstylist

"The Beyond Project has inspired my life in so many ways. I now do a lot of community work over in my home town, "thanks for paving the path for me and forever inspiring me."


Yvey, Hairstylist

"When I see the impact, the smile from each person, it makes me want to commit to this organization so we can change life through beauty together."

Volunteer Support


We create a "show and up" & volunteer experience so you can spend your time inspiring each individual you serve.


We support in building teams of volunteers that may never meet from barbershops to salons, spas and other wellness professionals. We have found that barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, skincare professionals, nail techs, salons owners, and others may all work separately and never connect. We work to connect volunteers in our communities that all have one common goal, empowering lives through their professional services. 


  • Organize volunteer opportunities

    • Contact nonprofit agency to partner with

    • Vet nonprofit through established process

    • Create partnership, that includes agreement documents 

    • Find the best hours, days and times to support based on your scheduling needs and what works for the agency

    • Schedule ongoing events at agency locations 

    • Where the event will happen in nonprofit agency

    • Troubleshoot before and after volunteer opportunity

    • Work other skilled volunteers to fill in all necessary roles 


  • Day of coordination includes: 

    • ​​​Who the contact will be upon arrival at nonprofit

    • Where to park, enter the building & what to expect, wear & bring

    • Provide background on who you are serving to be prepared

    • Making sure set up is complete upon arrival with tables, chairs, accessibility to electricity, brooms, garbage and other needs supported

    • Ensure sanitation supplies available


 Brand & Business Partner Support

We work to find opportunities for INKIND donations from beauty brands of the tangible needs of the guests we serve and the volunteers. This may be through donations of hygiene and beauty products, tools, wellness products or other related items.


*Note we cannot guarantee this, we work to try to fill needs where brands and businesses may be able to provide items requested by the individual we serve, the nonprofits or the volunteers.

General Volunteer Sign Up

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