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From beauty school to serving the homeless with haircuts "This is a dream come true" Carrie shares

Meet Carrie. She is just launching her career as a hairstylist and in the midst of that she saw a need at a drop in center called the Living Room in Tacoma, WA. She had learned about the resources they provide for those facing homelessness and others who are in low income from

pastor Chris who founded Dope Church that runs this operation to support the unhoused neighbors. He along with a team of volunteers are bringing much needed key resources to our community in need.

The Living Room provides meals, laundry facilities, a safe place to sit in a "living room" setting for those who are unhoused and others who live in the neighborhood who are looking for connection and resources.

Carrie reached out to The Beyond Project after asking on a Seattle facebook page that is dedicated to hair professionals about the legalities around volunteering in our community. Everyone pointed her to The Beyond Project.

Understanding that our industry is complex and has a lot of regulations, our goal is to support professionals in their desire to volunteer. We walked her through everything to consider, created a sanitation kit (which includes capes, towels and other needed supplies to follow all state regulations as a professional), and shared all the next steps.

Carrie and two other stylists she recruited joined her in serving haircuts to those who come to the Living Room. She will be leading the charge in doing a monthly events that will provide volunteers a place to go to provide haircuts to those who are in need of these services. The Beyond Project provided her with the sanitation kit and will be sharing in our monthly newsletter to our volunteers this opportunity to support our community.

"It was a joy and a privilege to help host this event and we hope to do it monthly!"

Do you know professional hair stylists or barbers in the Tacoma region who may want to join Carrie's team in serving those at the Living Room?

We are grateful for Carrie and her efforts to make an impact on our community through her skills.

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