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Foster Girls Empowered, San Diego

Updated: 7 days ago

We were able to serve over 120 haircuts, hairstyles, mini facials, nail painting and makeup services to girls at the Brave Global event hosted by our nonprofit partner Salvation Army Kroc Center with a team of 26 volunteers in just a couple hour timeframe.

A BIG shot out & thank you to our corporate partners Sam Villa that sent us 2 pallets of hair tools we got to distribute close to 350 hair tools valued at around $40,000. Each girl received a hair brush & their choice of hair dryer, blow dry brush, flat iron, curling iron, or texture iron. Each girl also received 1 piece of makeup and skincare item from other generous donors.

One of the inspiring stories we received was about a male volunteer who not only was a certified foster dad and a hairstylist he also was "the real MVP for the non-english speakers who attended" (story shared by Salvation Army Staff). We are grateful for how many times things are provided for that bring a greater impact than expected.

Another was a girl who was choosing from all the giveaways and asked "I get to pick a brush & a tool?"

We are BEYOND grateful for the amazing volunteers that showed up and dedicated their time & talent to empower and inspire each girl they got to support!

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