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Barbers & Burritos Empowers Youth!

Barbers & Burritos was an incredible evening of our community coming together to provide 75 Burritos and 20 haircuts to young adults in Seattle facing homelessness 18-24 years old.

Meet Cameron Dean, the owner of the Bottle & the Barber in the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood of Seattle, WA. We met Cameron back in 2018 through the United Way Community Resource Fair at Lumen Field Events Center (previously Centurylink) He has volunteered over the years and does haircuts for people experiencing homelessness through the PNA's (Phinney Neighborhood Association) hot meal program each month. Cameron says "Serving those most in need in our community has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I enjoy using my haircutting skills to assist others in looking & feeling their best."

He reached out to do a collaboration with his friend Phil Crowder, owner of Hatch Cantina in Belltown. Phil Crowder shared that, "since opening the Hatch Cantina it’s been a goal of mine to help build stronger relationships with people and groups in our neighborhood. These organizations we are supporting do so much for our community and I feel lucky to be able to support them and the work they do. You could see the impact the barbers and stylists had for these kids throughout the night, I just feel lucky to be involved. Frankly, I had the easy job!" (See a snapshot in the video below)

The Beyond Project worked to coordinate with New Horizons Ministries who serves these young adults who are facing homelessness and in need of support services.They have been a nonprofit partner of ours since 2015 (our founding year), 8 years! Along with sharing with our volunteers in the Seattle region through our monthly newsletter.

We encourage you to support these businesses who are collaborating to bring our community the support it needs.

We are grateful to partner with Bottle & the Barber and Hatch Cantina to Empower & Inspire lives in our community!

Are you interested in becoming a business partner of The Beyond Project to do an event or fundraise through your business? Go to to learn more.

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