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The Beyond Project provides beauty & wellness professionals with an outlet to use their talents for good. We are a dynamic coalition of volunteers who apply our beauty & wellness knowledge to charity events to empower and inspire those who need it most, creating social impact through what we do best.


Individuals in need of beauty & wellness services at nonprofits lack the resources for personal care services. Volunteers seeking opportunities in the community cannot find locations to serve or need a team to support. Along with providing donated hygiene & beauty supplies from brands.


We are the bridge that connects professionals, brands, and nonprofits to inspire & empower lives by creating, sustaining, and maintaining strong partnerships and volunteer support. Through collaboration and a model of care.



The Beyond Project was founded in Seattle in 2015 as a bridge between beauty professionals and nonprofit organizations that serve women, men and children with haircuts and hygiene related care that are facing unimaginable circumstances of domestic violence, human trafficking, foster families, veterans, homelessness and more. Your contribution will support in expanding our programs to serve more individuals. As we continue to fulfill our mission to connect these professionals to those in our community who need it most, your partnership as a volunteer, monthly donor, and advocate of The Beyond Project is your investment into each woman, man and child who you are providing dignity and self worth as you give the gift of personal care services.

What do these services provide to the individuals we are serving?

  • Foster youth going back to school stand taller with confidence while smiling ear to ear.

  • Women have regained their identity through being able to look at themselves in the mirror again.

  • Men and women receive jobs after their appearance has been restored.

What does this bring to the volunteer?

  • Volunteers that are barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, nail techs, estheticians and others connect to one another to serve our community, where previously they would have never crossed paths.

  • We have heard volunteers tell us they didn’t know where to go or how to start their search to find an organization that connected with their personal mission.

  • Volunteers leave filled with passion and joy from using their talent for impact.

What are our nonprofit partners saying?

  • Coordinator for foster youth shared, "they leave their house with nothing, a haircut is the one thing they are able to choose."

  • They are grateful that The Beyond Project recruits, trains and problem solves with volunteers to be able to serve their guests with the utmost compassion and care.

  • The men and women in their programs ask when the volunteers will be back.

Does The Beyond Project have volunteers in other regions?

Currently a majority of the programs are based in the greater Seattle area with growing teams in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Austin.

Is there other ways to support The Beyond Project?

Yes, as a growing nonprofit there are many ways to support through sorting hygiene donations, to dropping off supplies at our nonprofit partners, to supporting day of volunteer events. For more information and to sign up as a volunteer.

How can you partner today with the growing needs of The Beyond Project

  • Become a monthly partner of $20 a month or your choice amount.

  • Donate through you business partner to support them in reaching their goal.

  • Share our mission with your friends, family, co-workers so we can continue to bridge the gap to bring hygiene and personal care donations.


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