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12 Days of Giving Update!

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

We are so excited to share that we are at $10,500 as we enter into the Christmas holiday. Your generosity this season will support our WHO!

As we gather with family and friends to give gifts. Consider the gift you give can make a lasting impact on how someone can look at themselves in the mirror after the most unimaginable circumstances that have paralyzed them.

Have you been able to follow the last few days of our WHO on facebook & instagram? Continue to follow us as we finish our WHY, WHO, & how YOU can partner to expand the impact of The Beyond Project!

For foster youth their haircut is one of the only things they get to choose. Your partnership helps us expand to support and empower more foster youth!

*This youth pictured is not a foster child, for protection you are not allowed to take photos. HOW YOU PARTNER WITH US?

1) Empower alongside us with a recurring donation or year end contribution.

2) Donate your time, there are so many areas to support in.

3) Share with your friends, family, clients, barber, stylist, & more

4) Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, & Linked In

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