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The HEART 💙 our mission Campaign UPDATE

Thank you to our generous donors we have reached $4000 of our goal of $20,000 by September 30th!

$16,000 to reach our goal we can do this!

WHAT is the heart our mission? To connect beauty & wellness professionals to nonprofit partners to empower women, men and children in our communities.

WHO is the heartof our mission? Foster kids & parents, veterans, human trafficking and domestic violence survivors, men, women and children facing homelessness and more! Have you been following along on our journey?! To see the heart of our mission! LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, & Tiktok.

HOW can you be apart of the heart of the mission?

1) Become a monthly donor: $5, $10, $20 or your choice amount

2) Give a 1x donation to help us reach our goal

3) Become a business partner and work to raise funds with your clients. LEARN MORE

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