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May Foster Care Month

Our nonprofit partners work to empower the lives of youth and the families that are supporting them. We see foster care support as a crucial part of preventing long term chronic homelessness, addiction, human trafficking and many other unimaginable circumstances.

What we have learned about hygiene care and foster youth.

Over the years we have worked closely with nonprofit agencies that support youth in foster care and have learned that "a haircut or style is the one thing a youth gets to choose, everything else is given to them or chosen for them."

We have witnessed a foster teen boy at a back to school event who kept his head down his entire haircut. When he saw his haircut complete he smiled briefly and then tried to hide that smile out of embarrassment. He went in the other room to get fitted for brand new clothing and proceeded to walk around with his head up and kept looking over at himself in the mirror. The leader of that agency shared his confidence and demeanor had completely changed. We learned the true value of that haircut from this young boy.

Another important piece is hygiene education. Many youth who have lived in unstable homes for most of their life, we have found that they did not learn how to care for their hygiene, including hair and skin. We have worked to do education and support in teaching them how to properly care for these needs.

Our goal is to continue to find qualified volunteers that can not only bring a sense of dignity back to those we serve with haircuts or skincare, our emphasis is on empowering and training the youth.

Why is this important?

There are many reasons that supporting foster youth in their self-confidence is important. The National Foster Youth Institute recently estimated that 60 percent of child sex trafficking victims have been within foster care. This among many other reasons is why we believe make it a priority to to partner to bring hygiene and personal care services to these youth to give them the confidence and empowerment.

The Beyond Project Nonprofit Partners

Foster Care Agencies

Brave Global empowers youth and young adults to stop exploitation and trafficking. They have one day events to get youth in one on one mentor programs along with other support services.

Replanted Conference a time away for caregivers to be refreshed, equipped, and inspired.

Eileen & Callie's Place every young woman aging out of foster care will have a safe place to live, the opportunity to become independent, and develop the skills needed to maintain a positive and productive lifestyle.

Ruby Room empowers youth through fashion by channeling the strength of personal style as a tool for building self-confidence.

Let's Empower Lives Together!

Consider that a haircut provided by a volunteer gives the foster youth confidence to go to school, get their first job or just be who they are created to be. Your monthly partnership does just that. This Sunday, a team of local volunteers will be in San Diego at the Brave Conference to provide haircuts, nail painting, and skincare services. Do you know anyone in the area that may want to support or have friends that are professionals there?

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