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Hairdustry Podcast

Co-hosts Corey & Tony

Hairdustry presents Your Day Off podcast: Giving back with Sam Villa & Rachel Hile

Thank you for sharing about how hairstylists, barbers 💈 and professionals can volunteer and giveback!

@schedulicity and @hairdustry presents Your Day Off podcast- Happy ThanksGIVING - do you need help giving back? Have you ever found it a challenge to give back to your community?

Podcast videos now available on your Spotify app

We had an amazing opportunity to work with Sam Villa @samvillahair and @thebeyondproject Rachel Hile @Rachelstyles

This podcast is a recap of that day, as well as a discuss everything the Beyond Project does for your community.

If you want to volunteer some time Rachel lets us know where and how we can help.

After listening you will want to make an impact in your community.

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