Rachel Hile


Executive Director
Rachel Hile, Founder & Executive Director, is a Seattle native and graduated from college with a degree in Communication from Western Washington University. Two years after college she went after her true passion to become a hairstylist, she received her cosmetologist license in 2006. Rachel's heart for serving combined with her background as an event planner and marketing coordinator for a publication has brought everything full circle. During the launch of her career as a hairstylist she would pursue volunteer opportunities to use her talent to give haircuts to foster youth, women from the YWCA, and to girls from low income inner city high schools in preparation for prom. In this pursuit she discovered the difficulty of volunteering as an individual hair professional, and spent hours researching nonprofits that could support her. In 2015, The Beyond Project was founded after facing the tragic death of her nephew just over a year before. Since then she has watched thousands of volunteers in the beauty industry serve women, men and children who are facing dire life circumstances in their local communities around the U.S., including Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin, Orlando, Kentucky, Las Vegas, and more. She dreams about the day The Beyond Project reaches every region in the US to Inspire Change & Empower Lives of each individual to bring dignity, hope and restoration.

RK Cobban

Marketing Guru

RK Cobban Production Director at Netrush, based in Portland, OR. RK was born and raised in Alaska. He moved to Seattle to attend the Art Institute and landed his dream job working for the Seattle SuperSonics. He is an experienced Graphic Designer working in the health wellness and fitness industry. Skilled in Photography, Graphics, Logo Design, Advertising, and Branding & Identity. He designed The Beyond Project logo based on a drawing Rachel Hile had given him, his added touch with the person in the middle truly brought it to life. He says "it has always been very important to me to give back using my God given gifts for projects that serve others." His wife, Rachel, has a special connection with Rachel Hile. Several years back, Rk's wife's foster daughter, at the time, was in need of some special love and attention. She brought her to Rachel Hile's salon and received a transformational cut and style which changed her outlook and softened her heart.

Shelby Barnes

Strategy Officer

Shelby Barnes, Board Chair and Strategy Advisor, received her Masters from USC in Social Entrepreneurship. She acquired her business skills through her education studying economics and international business. Shelby for Amazon for 7 years, where she focused on financial and business analytics across a variety of industries. While working at Amazon, she also spent her free time providing pro bono business support to small nonprofits and social enterprises. Her passion for combining clear business strategy and efficient processes with a people-focused mission helps guide The Beyond Project as it seeks to scale with healthy growth.

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